What are the advantages and uses of nylon sandwich belts

七月 1, 2020
in the post,you will read:what are the advantages and functions of nylon sandwich belts? Here’s the short version.

Generally speaking, the nylon sandwich belts has nylon sheet in the middle and the surface is covered with rubber, cowhide and leather. Fiber cloth, etc., there are thousands of factories which produce nylon sandwich belts.and each of them has its own obvious advantages,for us, we concentrate on improving the quality of nylon sandwich belts as well as improve our after-sales service, so what are the advantages and functions of nylon sandwich belts? Here’s the short version.

  • Nylon sandwich belts are bonded together using nylon canvas in a certain way and method. The use range is relatively wide. There are granular and powder objects, which are suitable for various places.
  • There are many types of products: there are ordinary, wear-resistant, burning-resistant and cold-resistant.
  • The anti-corrosion performance is very good. In the process of transportation, some products with corrosion can not be avoided more or less. This product can completely avoid the problem of corrosion.

The main applications of nylon sandwich belts are as follows:

 Flat belt suitable for textile industry

  • Tangential belt series for tangential transmission, such as: steam spinning machine, double twisting machine, texturing machine, twisting machine, hair dryer dragon belt, etc.
  • Flat belt series used for parallel or double-sided transmission, such as: flat belt and spindle belt for carding machine, roving frame, spinning frame, drawing frame, circular knitting machine, etc.
  • Flat belt series for overload or cross transmission, such as: single-sided chrome leather (cowhide) and double-sided chrome leather (cowhide) transmission flat belt.
  • Flat belt series used for loom brown belt and parallel transmission.
  • Conveyor belts for transfer and transportation.

Flat belt series suitable for light or medium machinery or printing machinery transmission or material transportation in various industries.

Specially used for transmission belts of large and medium-sized machinery under severe environments such as oil pollution, such as: paper machine, ventilator, mixer, steel rolling machine, turbine, marble cutting machine, pump, etc.

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