Instructions for storage and use of nylon sheet-based drive belts

七月 2, 2020
in the post,you will read:If you know more about storage and use of power transmision belts,you will decrease your loss

The nylon sheet base transmission belt is made of high-strength nylon sheet base as the tensile layer and wear-resistant leather or rubber composite, in storage and use should be noted:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight during storage, try to place it in a dark place, more than half a meter away from the ground, it should be flat naturally in the horizontal direction, and compression deformation is strictly prohibited.

2. Please install according to the marked pulley surface, running direction arrow and tension mark to ensure the parallelism of the pulley.

3. The standard elongation of the transmission belt is 1.8%. After tensioning, it runs for 2-3 minutes. After the tension is evenly distributed, it stops to measure whether the tension mark still maintains the original tension range, and then supplements according to the situation.

Tension example:

4. The drive belt in the cross drive, in order to make the life longer, can be inserted in the cross part of the rotating body.

5. The transmission belt pulling device using the spin is conducive to extending its life, mobile device, please install the belt into the passive wheel before the position.

6. The drive belt resistant to a variety of oil, grease and other general purpose chemicals, but not resistant to concentrated organic acid, inorganic acid, phenol, alcohol corrosion, please note.

7.The drive belt is normally used in the temperature between -10℃~+60℃.

8. more detailed information refer to the technical parameters table.

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