What are the commonly used mask machine belts

七月 1, 2020
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With the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic, the demand for masks is also relatively high, and masks are not only in demand in our country, but there is also a rush to buy them abroad and they are also in short supply.

As a manufacturer of industrial belts, Chunsheng belt company will provide strong backing for mask manufacturers to process your mask machine belts Production, providing a one-stop service with free knowledge and technical issues related to masker belts. As for the materials for making mask machine belts, there are yellow and green nylon transmission belt, PVC conveyor belt, and black rubber drive belt. Commonly used belts are yellow and green nylon transmission belt and PVC conveyor belt.

Yellow-green nylon film belt is a kind of flat high-speed transmission belt, usually with nylon sheet in the middle of the belt, with strong tensile strength, flexural resistance, high efficiency. The color can be light green-green, black-green, yellow-green, double blue, etc.. The belt thickness is usually between 0.8mm-6mm, which is suitable for compact drive mechanism, high line speed and large speed ratio applications.

The PVC conveyor belt has the characteristics of smooth surface, light weight and durability. It uses high-strength and high-quality cotton, nylon and polyester canvas as the belt core. It is made of rubber or non-pollution compounding agent to make it white or green. It has no pollution and does not affect food hygiene. . The product formula is designed reasonably, meets the hygienic index, the color is moderate, light and durable, it is suitable for the food industry or the food department to transport bulk, canned food, or packaged grain or food.

For the mask machine belt, the current demand is still relatively more, because mask manufacturers work overtime to produce masks, mask machine non-stop work, for the use of industrial belts, work for a long time, there will be damage, in this case, in order to improve production efficiency, industrial belts also need to be replaced in a timely manner, our company is to mask manufacturers to provide mask machine belt, as long as you have the need, we will provide you with free belt knowledge, technical knowledge and other one-stop service, can also provide cloud procurement, so you can sit at home to buy the mask machine belt, welcome to consult customer service understanding.Whatsapp:86-18061520687

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