Characteristics and applications of nylon core belts

七月 1, 2020
in the post,you will read:Why can’t we buy inferior nylon sheet based belts?You will know the reasons after reading the post


PA (Polyamide) scientific name: polyamide, short: nylon, is an outstanding American scientist Carothers and his leadership of a scientific research group developed, is the world’s first synthetic fibers.


PA has good overall performance, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubricating, and low coefficient of friction, a certain degree of flame retardancy, easy to process, suitable for glass fiber and other fillers to enhance the modification, improve performance and expand the scope of application.

Applications of nylon core belts

Flat belts for the textile industry

  1. The tangential transmission for the series of tangential belt, such as: steam flow spinning machine, double twisting machine, adding elastic machine, twisting machine, hair dryer long belt.
  2. For parallel or double-sided transmission of flat belt series, such as: carding machine, roving machine, spinning machine, drawing machine, circular knitting machine and so on with flat belt and spindle belt.

3. Flat belt series for overload or cross transmission, such as: single-sided chrome leather (cowhide) and double-sided chrome leather (cowhide) transmission flat belt.

4. Slinging belt and parallel transmission flat belt series for weaving machine.

5. Conveyor belts for transferring and conveying, etc.

Applicable to the light, medium-sized machinery or printing machinery transmission or material conveying flat belt series of various industries.

Specialized in oil and other harsh environment of large, medium-sized machinery transmission belt, such as: paper machine, ventilator, mixer, rolling mill, turbine, marble cutting machine, pumps and so on.

Why can’t we buy inferior nylon sheet based belts?

First of all, inferior nylon sheet base belt tangential belt overall processing and manufacturing industry poor.

Secondly, the key of the nylon sheet base belt is the nylon sheet base, inferior nylon sheet base has a large elongation rate, which means that in the process of use, the belt will be longer and longer, there will be speed loss, and then the belt needs to be repeatedly tensioned, power consumption and other problems.

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