Analysis of the causes of cross breakage of nylon base belt

七月 16, 2020
in the post,you will read:What is the cause of the cross break in the baseband of the film?

The nylon sheet-based drive belt is made of high-strength nylon sheet as the tensile layer and wear-resistant leather or rubber composite, which is a common high-speed belt in the industry. Transmission belts, with strong transmission capacity and high tensile strength, are favored by industrial bosses. If you don’t pay attention to the process of using nylon basebelt, there will often be various problems, the phenomenon of cross breakage is one of them. What is the cause of the cross break in the baseband of the film?

1. If there is the phenomenon of continuous horizontal breakage of the chip base band, you should turn off the machine to check. Only after careful inspection can the cause of the cross break be identified.

2. Some parts of the conveyor may have some protruding idler pulley groove corners, which may cause the line on the base belt to break, thus causing the base belt to break. The band breaks across.

3. The surface of active rollers, tensioning rollers and driven rollers are covered with some abnormal binder, which makes the surface of the base tape have many different characteristics. Dimensional bulges tend to cause large cross sections of the sheet base band. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to periodically clean the foreign matter from the tabbed base tape.

When bonding with nylon sheet base tapes at room temperature, the following operations should be observed.

1. Understand the properties of the base tape and the operation and use of the base tape, and select the right adhesive;

2. Reasonable design of joint form and size according to the structure and composition of the high-temperature resistant piece of base belt and the force situation. The joints must be firmly bonded to ensure high strength. In addition, cold bonding is limited to the substrates with a temperature below 100 degrees. No longer exists.

Sheet baseband needs maintenance, so, in the process of using nylon sheet baseband, do not neglect the maintenance of this work. Regular inspection of machinery and equipment, found abnormal should be repaired in time, so as not to affect the progress of the project.

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